Creating a Business Plan for your Treehouse Resort

Treehouse Resort Business Planning: A Comprehensive Guide As travellers increasingly seek unique and sustainable accommodations, treehouse resorts have become widely popular tourist destinations. With their environmentally-friendly approach, breathtaking views, and one-of-a-kind experience, treehouse resorts are becoming a top choice for tourists. This makes them appealing to investors and grants from various organisations. However, if you […]

Treehouse Resort Planning Permission

Navigating the Planning Permission Process For Your Treehouse Hotel Are you planning on investing in a treehouse resort? Apart from financing, obtaining planning permission is often a crucial hurdle that investors must overcome. To avoid costly delays, it’s essential to understand the UK’s planning system. In this blog post, we will offer advice on navigating […]

Financing Options For Your Treehouse Resort

With the rise of eco-tourism and a growing desire for unique holiday accommodations, the demand for treehouse hotels is on the up, and there are plenty of financing options available. In this blog post, we will explore some financing options that could be beneficial for your treehouse hotel project. Government Grants One option to consider […]

How To Secure The Initial Investment For Your Treehouse Resort

Are you interested in venturing into the treehouse resort business? The potential for significant returns on investment has piqued the interest of landowners, farmers, and property developers. However, financing such a venture can be challenging. In this blog post, we’ll explore the different methods you can use to obtain your initial investment and make your […]

The True Cost of Building a Treehouse Resort

    The True Cost of Developing a Treehouse Resort Treehouse hotels are becoming increasingly popular as travellers seek unique and unforgettable experiences. However, building a treehouse hotel is not as simple as constructing a traditional hotel. The unique design, accessibility, and materials used can incur significant costs, making it crucial for hotel owners, landowners, […]

Oasis Habitats announces delivery of the UK’s first treehouse hotel


Oasis Habitats, a leader in sustainable hotel and resort development, announces delivery of the UK’s first treehouse hotel.

Nestled in the heart of the Oxfordshire countryside, the innovative treehouse resort is an embodiment of Oasis Habitats’ commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly design. Each uniquely designed treehouse offers an unrivalled experience of luxury blended with nature, creating a new standard in UK’s resort development industry.

The rise of sustainable architecture worldwide

Humans’ impact on the environment has been more and more prominent. And with climate change already on the way, urgent steps are required should we want to preserve our home for generations to come. In the last decade, governments have been continuously discussing the measures we have to take and have finally come to an […]