On our way to becoming a better provider of sustainable, exclusive and luxurious retreats for the leisure industry, Oasis Habitats has partnered up with some great companies. Here are some of the partners that help us create a better reality for all of us: 

Oasis Habitats is open to discussion!

Oasis Habitats wants to share its mission with as many people and organisations as possible! We are keen to develop further significant relationships with like-minded individuals and organisations. We are open and thrilled at the opportunity to have you as our partner. 

Should you think that you can add benefits to our offerings while developing your own business feel free to contact us and share your ideas. We are all ears! 

Regardless of whether you want to be one of our approved installers, distribute and supply products and services to our construction industry, or even design together and co-develop, as long as you have a valuable service and want to team up, don’t hesitate to say “Hello”.

Fill in all your details, along with a brief description of the partnership you are seeking, and our team will contact you again within 48 hours.