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Landscape architecture

From edible forests to swimming lakes, when it comes to landscape architecture, we look to take a harmonious approach with what’s already there. Backed by ecology reports and other required planning surveys, we look to incorporate a landscaping scheme that mirrors nature and its natural beauty at its core, improving the landscape and the surrounding habitats’ ecology in return. 


With the types of designs and structures we specialise in, we find occupants connect more sympathetically with landscape schemes that appear to harmonise with both the landscape and our manmade structures, rather than schemes that appose or clash with the natural surroundings. However, that doesn’t mean our landscape architectural services do not provide commercial or practical site benefits.

Natural & native landscaping

Oasis Habitats works with a variety of proven natural award-winning landscape architects who take a similar approach to the design process as do we. 


These architects work directly with us to deliver a site-specific scheme that incorporates native planting from the given region that enhances the beauty of the natural setting whilst increasing its biodiversity. 


This approach ensures the site and venues landscapes appears natural and as nature intended. After all, there is no better designer than nature itself. Additionally, this understanding of the landscape and architectural design ensures our installed structures do not appear intrusive or alien to the landscape.