Eco retreats, eco lodges and eco hospitality

The enormous benefits to your wellbeing of connecting to nature and the natural environment have been documented and proven for some time. Oasis Habitats luxury sustainable design and construction approach just makes it a little easier.

What are Wilderness Retreats, and why are they so special

Wilderness retreats are meticulously crafted to offer a seamless blend of nature and modern comforts. These carefully designed havens beautifully merge with their surroundings, inviting nature to embrace its inhabitants. The result is a retreat that harmoniously coexists with its environment, rather than imposing upon it. As our collective appreciation for the nurturing power of nature grows, so does our desire for refined accommodation nestled in natural settings. Experience the tranquility and beauty of these thoughtfully designed retreats, where nature meets comfort in perfect harmony.

Immersing ourselves in the beauty of the great outdoors is a truly rejuvenating experience. It provides a much-needed opportunity to unwind, sharpen our minds, and nurture our spirits. In this era, where prioritising mindfulness and mental well-being is paramount, there has been a significant increase in the demand for eco housing, wilderness getaways, and wellness retreats.

Embarking on a journey into the wilderness unlocks the hidden comforts of unexplored realms. Immerse yourself in a wilderness retreat, relishing in the delights of locally sourced seasonal cuisine. Delve into the enchanting landscapes that surround you, and marvel in the delights of its natural beauty.

Our team at Oasis Habitats are your guides to an outdoor journey full of luxury and serenity. From concept creation and design development all the way through to construction, we provide bespoke solutions tailored to meet your specific needs.

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Eco Lodges, Eco Cabins and Eco Retreats

Wilderness retreats offer a unique opportunity to develop a sustainable and eco-friendly accommodation business. By providing accommodation solutions that coexist harmoniously with the environment, we create an ideal union between paying guests and their natural habitats. At Oasis Habitats, we specialize in turning your business idea into a reality that everyone can enjoy. Experience the beauty of nature while indulging in comfortable and responsible hospitality.

Oasis Habitats offers sustainable constructions that are thoughtfully designed to blend with their natural surroundings. We leverage the unique characteristics of each site to create contemporary retreats that are environmentally friendly. Our team is dedicated to using high-quality natural materials in the construction of beautifully unique and iconic structures. Whether it’s a large or small project, our elegant designs are built to embrace the environment and leave a lasting legacy.

To ensure minimal environmental impact, our construction process exclusively utilizes 100% natural, regenerative, and recyclable materials. Each material undergoes thorough discussion and verification prior to use. We prioritize climate-friendly choices that effectively reduce carbon footprints to zero. Changing the construction methodology and practices is crucial for offering sustainable solutions. Our passion lies in the development of designs and production that align with these principles.

Our team of skilled designers can take your project to new heights. With well-designed eco housing and buildings, we aim to foster a sense of connection and harmony for occupants, both inside and out.

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Our process

Design and preserving the environment are true passions of founder Damon Kern Farrell. It is these two passions that have been successfully intertwined into a working business model that brings value to our customers’ lives. Oasis Habitats’ eco-friendly sustainable retreats are famous for their innovative, high-end contemporary designs, utilising sustainable and ecological manufacturing practices. Brilliantly breath-taking architecture with a unique point of view and a keen eye for aesthetics is at the central core of our work. And designs that aim to deliver a compelling organic, sustainable, and efficient solution. 

Oasis Habitats offers bespoke designed boutique wilderness retreats that cut waste to the minimum and make nature the star of the show. Using sustainable materials for exterior and interior building processes, we deliver high-performance U- and R-Value structures to comply with all national and regional building regulation requirements. All with the larger environmental impact in mind.  

Oasis Habitats’ design team provides modern solutions specific to each induvial project. Making use of even the smallest of spaces and uniqueness to the site’s specifics. Location scouting gives us the opportunity to explore and continue to develop ways to use landscapes to our advantage, making them a primary selling point to any retreats or structures we deliver.

All our projects are designed, built, and developed in our in-house European factories, enabling us to have full control over the quality and materials used in our products. Our intense internal policies and procedures ensure each customer receives the highest quality with cutting-edge 3D design and CNC fabrication. Attention to detail is guaranteed and given by our assembly craftspersons, who come from furniture making backgrounds. Each element of our modular structures is closely inspected at each stage of the fabrication process to ensure our exacting standards are met. Depending on the complexity of the design and project, production time frames vary accordingly.

Shipping and transport of each prefabricated section or module are organised and planned during pre-construction agreements to ensure delivery to the site does not impede installation programmes. There, installers assemble the key building sections, install final connections to supplies and services and add any necessary finishing touches.  

Oasis Habitats signs off all projects after a sight inspection of the finished construction and its surrounding location. After which, warranties and insurance certificates are issued accordingly. 

Installation & Training

All our structures are designed to be shipped in either modular or sectional building components, in accordance to design and or customer requirements.


Oasis Habitats provides a full range of site installation “country-specific”, supervised installation, and or the ability for client lead self-installation solutions. Depending upon customer requirements, installation programmes and training are to be agreed upon prior to predesign contracting.