Modular eco housing solutions

Our modular housing solutions, using our Oasis Cassette construction methodology, combine the best of modern construction with sustainable architecture. Experience the convenience of off-site construction and enjoy the benefits of increased quality, cost efficiencies, and shorter construction timelines. Discover this thought-provoking solution for your dream home today. 

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Benefits of Modular Housing

Modular Housing offers clients the opportunity to design their dream home without the need for traditional construction methods. Our innovative approach utilizes cutting-edge 3D modelling technology to create detailed and accurate designs, ensuring every aspect of the structure is considered. With our computer-aided factory-based fabrication CNC, we can bring these designs to life, providing a seamless and efficient building process. Experience the future of home design with Modular Housing.

Eco efficiency designed to suit your style

Oasis Habitats offers eco-efficient modular housing solutions that give you the choice of contemporary or traditional designs. With meticulous attention to detail, our housing options are built at our in-house fabrication factory in Lviv, ensuring utmost quality and precision. Our cost-efficient modular housing is an ideal solution for today’s housing crisis. We conform to all European specifications, rules, and guidelines, delivering exceptional modular housing to various destinations. Experience the flexibility and quality of Oasis Habitats’ modular housing for a balanced and sustainable living solution.

Our eco housing process

Designing, producing, delivering, and installing custom Modular Housing is what we do. We meticulously follow established processes and guidelines to ensure excellence in every stage of your housing project delivery.

Modular Housing is a sustainable solution that reduces waste generation and carbon footprint. It can be completed in half the time compared to traditional architecture.

At Oasis Habitats, we prioritise safety and efficiency in construction. That’s why all our Modular Housing units are prefabricated in our spacious 8,000 square foot factory. With Modular Housing, we can custom-design and produce units of various sizes and configurations to meet the unique demands of our clients.

At Oasis Habitats, we are dedicated to preserving nature and working towards a sustainable future. Our Modular Housing solutions are designed with the environment in mind, offering eco-friendly options that minimize waste generation.

At Oasis Habitats, we are proud to offer world-class Modular Housing solutions. Our state-of-the-art designs and meticulous construction processes ensure unparalleled quality. With our comprehensive warranties, you can have peace of mind.

Experience the affordability and accessibility of Modular Housing and join the movement for change.

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