feasibility Reports

Feasibility studies

Whether you are looking to build a glamping site, echo hotel or wellness resort, understanding if your project is likely to be successful and if so, how successful is it likely to be, is vital to any business. One of the biggest mistakes made, even by large corporates, is to proceed with a project without carrying out a professional feasibility study. Without it, you are unable to provide viable forecasts for your business, understand your target market, or ensure you’re delivering a project which your audience will embrace. Oasis Habitats has first-hand experience with researching client-specific projects and carrying out in-depth feasibility studies. These studies have in return been used to help redefine the projects’ key criteria, identify additional revenue streams and significantly enhance investor returns.


They have also been used to help redefine the projects’ architectural and interior design remit, saving on costly aftermarket remodelling and additional planning applications.

Feasibility study hospitality & leisure

Once the initial due diligence has been completed, listed below are several of the components typically found in a feasibility study:

  • Executive summary: This is where we formulate a narrative describing details of the project, market sector, service, plan, or business.
  • Construction considerations: What is the likelihood of gaining planning, What design intent should be, What will it likely cost?
  • Existing marketplace: Examine the local and broader markets for the product, service, plan, or business.
  • Marketing strategy: What are the strategies that will attract the identified markets?
  • Required staffing (including an organisational chart): What are the human capital needs for this project?
  • Schedule and timeline: Include significant interim markers for the project’s completion date.
  • Project financials.

The above provides a typical level of components needed when carrying out a hospitality & leisure feasibility study. However, components can be sectioned out and worked on individually with clients, depending upon individual needs.