Damon Kern Farrell

CEO & Co-founder

Passionate about the environment and design, Damon originally studied Art & Design at Readings College of Art before gaining a master’s degree in Business Management at Kingston University. After which, Damon was persuaded to enter the world of asset and investment finance. It was Damon’s hunger for the arts, at this stage, that led him to focus primarily on the Film and TV industry due to its equally artistic and business remits. However, Damon’s interest and focus on design never wavered, and he soon found himself drawn to the architectural world, where he bought into a European tensile architectural practice at Airsculpt. With a company focused on large scale construction projects and its indiscriminate approach to environmental issues, Damon quickly found himself researching and developing more environmentally friendly and sustainable construction techniques in his spare time. 

Over the years, Damon found himself spending more and more of his time focusing on architecture, contemporary design, sustainability, and its connection with Nature. Thus, was born the original concept of Oasis Habitats. With an in-built passion for the environment and sustainable architecture, Damon turned his back on tensile architecture and traditional construction back in 2017 to focus on the development of Oasis Habitats and its unique luxury and sustainable design offerings with his business partner Andriy Ohinok.

Andriy Ohinok

Production Director & Co-founder

After initially studying structural engineering at Lviv State University, Andriy quickly entered the construction industry, where he found himself drawn to organic construction materials and the environmental benefits they yield. Having worked on UK construction projects for over 10-years, Andriy returned home to Lviv and set up his own prefabrication company in 2013. A company that focused primarily on supplying timber-framed modular housing. It was during this time Andriy found himself increasingly frustrated with the demand from customers for inferior, cheaper non-sustainable products when natural “higher quality” alternatives offering superior benefits were available. 

In early 2017 Andriy met Damon whilst both working on the same project. It was during this collaborative build they realised they had similar concerns for the construction industry and passions for the wider environment. With an instant friendship emerging and a common mindset, they decided to pull from each other’s strength and formed Oasis Habitats.

Nigel Eckersall

RIBA Architect Design Director

Studying architecture at The University of Plymouth then Oxford Brooks University, Nigel gained a BA Hons then Diploma in Architecture, before obtaining his first appointment with Oxfordshire based practice McBains Cooper. At this time, Nigel specialised in retail and commercial projects although, his passions were held elsewhere. In 2010 Nigel relocated to the UAE, where he concentrated on the hospitality & leisure sectors, working on several projects led by internationally recognised and award-winning architects such as Zaha Hadid. With a focus on modularity and sustainability, Nigel quickly gained a reputation for innovative and sustainable construction-based developments. After spending almost 11-years working on luxury hotels and boutique residential projects in the UAE, Nigel decided to return home and concentrate on sustainable architectural projects with Oasis Habitats.

Our story

First founded by Damon Kern Farrell & Andriy Ohinok, Oasis Habitats was created because of their passion for nature preservation and their appetite for designing inspirational architecture. Specialising in the design and fabrication of sustainable accommodation solutions for the hospitality and leisure industry, the company helps people and other businesses discover nature’s hidden beauty.

Because of the everlasting evolution of design, Oasis Habitats has developed breathable construction techniques and innovative approaches that provide positively enhanced interior spaces. Offering 360˚solutions in the design, construction, planning and delivery of luxury eco-friendly, sustainable wilderness hotels and boutique eco-resorts, the company continues to put nature first.

Our admiration for our planet has been the guiding light that helped us create a company where nature and luxury merge into sustainable yet exquisite construction. For its short time on the market, Oasis Habitats has become a leader in building residential accommodation structures and commercial buildings that surpass all UK and European building codes.

Oasis Habitats is proof that sustainability and environmentally friendly solutions can go hand in hand to provide a luxurious experience and cutting-edge design at once.

Built with non-toxic and sustainable alternatives to cement, together with other reusable materials, all of Oasis Habitats’ structures are produced with the utmost attention to detail in our 8,000 square foot factory in Lviv.