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Project Management

When it comes to design, fabrication, and installation, having a partner who understands the importance of delivering good Project Management is crucial to the success of your project. Oasis Habitats’ project management team have over 20-years of experience in delivering multi-national projects across varying platforms and nationalities. Being able to communicate clearly and proficiently when managing a project or team is where we feel we have the advantage. Our Project Management team is comprised of like-minded personnel who cover all operations from finance and operations through to specification and transport. This multi-faceted project management enables us to successfully deliver the project from inception to completion, minimising disruptions and maximising efficacies.

Project Management Options

Depending upon project or customer needs, we can offer both internal and external Project Management solutions to maximize the project’s efficiencies. During contract negotiations, levels of management services are outlined and agreed, before being added to the terms of business. It is at this stage that we are able to incorporate any specific requirements and allocate dedicated management teams to the project.