The rise of sustainable architecture worldwide

Humans’ impact on the environment has been more and more prominent. And with climate change already on the way, urgent steps are required should we want to preserve our home for generations to come. In the last decade, governments have been continuously discussing the measures we have to take and have finally come to an agreement that we need to change the way we build in order to minimize the carbon footprint, thus minimizing the impact on nature. Sustainable building is the light at the end of the tunnel that we are so desperately seeking. 

Here to stay, sustainable architecture offers revolutionary approaches that aim to cut waste and the carbon footprint to a minimum. Unsurprisingly, more and more construction companies worldwide now specialize in eco-friendly bespoke design and build services. Eliminating environmental damage caused by construction is revolutionary, and although it may seem like a distant dream or some unattainable future, it is here and is a total game-changer.

How can people benefit from sustainable architecture? 

Combined with production waste, the overall construction process generates as much as 40% of the drinking water pollution and nearly a quarter of the air pollution across the UK. Globally speaking, the construction industry uses about 40% of the world’s energy. 

Such high numbers are a serious indication of a problem – the wake-up call we needed to finally take the necessary steps and start revolutionizing the design and build processes. 

New approaches in architecture or the glimmer of hope we needed

Passionate about changes, many governments, including the UK’s, have developed a variety of national and international standards. Thanks to that, Oasis Habitats can plan, design and execute bespoke environmentally-friendly structures that harmonize rather than invade our nature. 

Building companies such as ours now use plenty of strategies and approaches appropriate for the specific settings to develop buildings that successfully meet today’s requirements. In our personal experience, what we think works best for most of our projects are: 

Renewable materials

Striving for both perfection and sustainability has reconstructed our creative mindset into using renewable and eco-friendly sources. Low carbon footprint alternatives to cement and sustainably sourced wood, along with other recycled materials, are among the solutions of modern-day companies.

Energy generation

The use of solar panels, ground source heat pumps, wind turbines, etc., is the best way to elevate sustainability levels and reduce overall ecological damage. 

Build with nature in mind

Supporting local ecosystems rather than damaging them is an inseparable aspect of exquisite bespoke buildings. Designers and architects work together to intertwine nature and construction into a whole new system where occupants can live both luxuriously and at peace with themselves. 

Oasis Habitats' approaches

Designing and building unique structures whilst preserving the environment is Oasis Habitats’ heartiest advantage. Our revolutionary approaches allow us to design and fabricate contemporary architectural constructions that deliver a splendid experience and sustainability of the utmost quality for all to enjoy.