Eco Hotels

Eco Hotels: What Makes Them Special?

In our environmentally conscious society, guests now prioritise the impact of their stay on the environment. They seek comfort in knowing that the hotel they choose actively offsets or minimises its carbon footprint. As a result, hoteliers must go beyond just service and location. They must consider how their design and operation limit environmental impact. This gave rise to the concept of “Eco-friendly Hotels”.

Guests are willing to pay 30-40% more for a hotel that demonstrates above-average eco-friendly practices. This explains the growing trend of hotel operators embracing eco & green standards. With our extensive experience and commitment to sustainability, Oasis Habitats is a trusted partner for designing, specifying, and constructing Eco Hotels.

Planning your Eco Hotel

 From initial project planning to the final result, we are committed to creating a 5-star hotel experience while preserving the environment and local ecosystems. Through discussions on ideas, sustainable solutions, design needs, and landscape opportunities, we ensure a unique and eco-friendly hotel for you. At Oasis Habitats, we go beyond just design. We assist you in preparing a comprehensive plan and financial model, evaluating capital investments, profitability, and return on investments. With a clear picture in hand, you can make informed decisions on your Eco Hotel. Join us in creating an exceptional hotel that combines luxury and sustainability.

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Design and Engineering your Eco Hotel

Master planning

To discover the best views for your client, location scouting is an inseparable part of the overall master planning process. To deliver working solutions, we study local climate and geography, land use regulations, access roadways, parking needs, and waterfront requirements. Dealing with natural aspects such as topography and vegetation makes all the difference.

Architectural Design

With a team of like-minded dedicated designers and architects, Oasis Habitats offers a wide range of design services – Schematic Design, Concept Design, Design Development and Technical Design. The goal is straightforward – to deliver an exceptional building with a vision of sustainability at its core.

Interior Design

Interior design of your eco hotel is a crucial factor in delivering an unforgettable experience to your clients. Our experienced designers guarantee that the interiors of your hotel are up-to date and contain fully sustainable materials. Allowing you to get a grasp of the whole project, consultations with interior designers are an integral part of the process. From concept development and prototypes, all the way to construction drawings and furniture design, Oasis Habitats’ team makes you part of the process.

Landscape Design

Leveraging the natural beauty of your location, our expert hardscape specialists can help you create stunning outdoor spaces. Discover how to incorporate local fauna, enhance guest experiences, grow organic food on-site, and promote a thriving habitat. 

Environmental Design and MEP Engineering

Oasis is transforming traditional buildings into sustainable and exclusive spaces.  With meticulous cost estimation, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing designs, and comprehensive construction planning, we deliver optimal performance and solutions for your eco project. 

Structural and Membrane Engineering

Our design experts take into account the local environmental conditions to create precise models and fabrication drawings for all your installation needs. Our comprehensive services ensure smooth construction processes and optimal results.

Fabrication and Construction

We offer comprehensive fabrication and construction services. Our process begins with meticulous planning and design, followed by the prefabrication of all structures and components at our factory in Lviv. We prioritise quality and ensure timely delivery to the designated location. Our expert team then completes the installation, adding luxurious finishing touches.

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