The importance of wellness and connecting with nature

With mental health constantly underestimated and even the thought of self-care more often than not dismissed, the increase of negative feelings of dissatisfaction in people is somewhat unsurprising. However, what if the “cure” for some, if not most, feelings of discontent has been sitting patiently here waiting for us to discover it? Many pieces of research show that our relationship with nature is a critical factor in supporting good mental health and well-being. 

Albeit we’ve all heard at some point that “Nature Heals”, how many of us consider it a source that helps reduce stress levels? Sadly enough, most people don’t have the time and energy to spend time outdoors to soothe their souls. Realizing that just the exposure to nature reduces stress, fear and anxiety and increases positive feelings and emotions is what will bring us one step closer to a self-fulfilling life for all of us. 

Now that the solution is clear – we need nature to restore and improve our mood – we can take things even further and start thinking of ways to implement it into our daily lives. Luckily people, who have long realised the importance of strength in the nature-well-being connection, have already taken some actions to help the rest deal with life’s daily struggles. 

Wilderness Retreats - a revolutionary concept

Thanks to their revolutionary approach, Wilderness Retreats are concepts of the future that have already become a reality. Oasis Habitats is part of the ongoing change. We combine sustainability with exclusivity to design, produce and fabricate luxurious bespoke retreats that harmonize rather than invade the surrounding environment. 

Wilderness retreats allow you to get deeper into the wilderness and discover comfort in undiscovered preserved places. Guests of such a retreat can easily enjoy local cuisine made of sourced seasonal food, relish the serenity of nature, explore the adventurous landscape and meet like-minded people. 

Oasis Habitats' Wilderness Retreats

Specializing in bespoke sustainable architecture, Oasis Habitats’ main passion is providing the leisure industry with environmentally-friendly alternatives that offer the experience and luxury of a 5-star hotel. With a unique point of view and nature always in mind, our team of devoted professionals handles every project with the greatest of attention to detail to ensure we deliver high-quality products for all to enjoy.