How has the Glamping Industry evolved in the last 15 years in the UK?

A combination of the words Glamorous and Camping, glamping has proven to be a successful asset of the leisure industry that attracts hundreds of visitors in the UK yearly. Popular since early 2000, glamping was born to provide a unique experience that offers both the luxury of 5-star hotels and the opportunity to explore nature like never before. 

Hidden deep into nature’s undiscovered places, glamping sites are all about helping guests and occupants reduce the burden of everyday’s chores and taking care of their overall well-being. Providing the amenities of a hotel, posh camping, as some people call it, aims to help people sharpen their minds whilst soothing their souls. 

Glamping Industry in the UK - the issues

Glamping’s popularity does come in waves, with each wave providing a more luxurious experience than ever. At least, that’s what one would initially think. As it turns out, however, realising the need for wilderness retreats where customers can get a harmonising, energising experience, more and more farmers decided to make the most of the situation. What did they do? 

Statistics show that nearly every third farmer in the UK has attempted to create a retreat of his own. Such retreats are anything but the high-end building structures one would expect. Build in the farmers’ free fields such retreats are more often than not made of just some tents without meeting any of the government’s requirements and standards. 

Despite leading to an indubitable oversaturation of the glamping marketplace, unregulated retreats drop out, unable to live up to clients’ expectations. The worst, however, is that retreats like that are created only for the sole purpose of gaining profits. Neither the environment nor the guest’s wholesome experience is taken into consideration in the build process. 

Oasis Habitats' solutions

Providing an exclusive experience for all guests, Oasis Habitats specialises in the design, production and fabrication of bespoke and exclusive wilderness retreats. With designers’ exceptional points of view and their enthusiasm to do whatever is in the environment’s best interest, Oasis Habitats offers the leisure and glamping industries sustainable high-end solutions.