The True Cost of Building a Treehouse Resort



The True Cost of Developing a Treehouse Resort

Treehouse hotels are becoming increasingly popular as travellers seek unique and unforgettable experiences. However, building a treehouse hotel is not as simple as constructing a traditional hotel. The unique design, accessibility, and materials used can incur significant costs, making it crucial for hotel owners, landowners, resort owners, and investors to have a thorough understanding of the expenses involved before seeking financing. In this blog post, we’ll explore the true cost of building a treehouse hotel and how to make the most of the investment.

Design and materials

Treehouse hotels require unique designs and materials that are not typically used in traditional hotels. Often, specialist materials are needed, which can drive up the cost of construction. Moreover, the unique design of treehouses can increase the costs even further as it often requires custom design work with specialist treehouse architects and engineers.


Treehouse hotels also have accessibility issues that traditional hotels do not face. Most treehouses
do not have a standard foundation, such as concrete or timber piles, to hold the structure in place. Therefore, getting equipment necessary for the construction, such as cranes and scaffolding, to the site can be difficult. Conversely, it can also be hard to remove waste material and bring in building materials, increasing the labour cost. Lastly, the location of the treehouse often comes with planning restrictions, and environmental regulations. These may require the use of specialist planning consultants to navigate through the process.

Returns on investment

One of the major reasons for building a treehouse hotel is the potential of higher returns on investment (ROI). Since treehouse hotels offer unique and desirable experiences for the visitor, they can charge a higher premium than traditional hotels which means higher room rates, and a higher chance of repeat customers. Moreover, treehouse hotels can capitalise on the ever-growing eco-tourism market, which looks to blend sustainability and tourism together. This rise in millennial travellers means that there is a potential to market to a new demographic willing to pay a premium for new and exciting experiences.

Calculating the costs

When it comes to financing a treehouse hotel it is important to calculate the cost of the project carefully. Accurate budgeting can help guide realistic goals and financing options that will work for the project. To do this, a financial broker can help an owner determine the amount of financing necessary, including searching for grants and government funding if desired. Then, the owner can factor in the operational expenses and interest rates associated with paying back the loan.

Treehouse resorts are worth it

Building a treehouse hotel requires a unique mix of design, materials, and financing. While it may cost more to build than traditional hotels, there is also a higher potential for returns on investment. However, it’s crucial to have a thorough understanding of the costs involved before seeking financing. With careful planning, a treehouse hotel can offer a unique and fulfilling experience for both guests and owners alike.

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