The challenges in sustainable building

Living or vacationing deep into the wilderness in woodland areas is an idyllic dream for some. And whilst it is idyllic, as it offers to experience the environment’s beauty daily, building in woodland areas does come with its own set of strict rules and requirements. With the environment in mind, governments, including the UK’s, have […]

How has the Glamping Industry evolved in the last 15 years in the UK?

A combination of the words Glamorous and Camping, glamping has proven to be a successful asset of the leisure industry that attracts hundreds of visitors in the UK yearly. Popular since early 2000, glamping was born to provide a unique experience that offers both the luxury of 5-star hotels and the opportunity to explore nature […]

The importance of wellness and connecting with nature

With mental health constantly underestimated and even the thought of self-care more often than not dismissed, the increase of negative feelings of dissatisfaction in people is somewhat unsurprising. However, what if the “cure” for some, if not most, feelings of discontent has been sitting patiently here waiting for us to discover it? Many pieces of […]

The rise of sustainable architecture worldwide

Humans’ impact on the environment has been more and more prominent. And with climate change already on the way, urgent steps are required should we want to preserve our home for generations to come. In the last decade, governments have been continuously discussing the measures we have to take and have finally come to an […]