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Born off the back of designing and developing unique off-grid Glamping structures, Oasis Habitats knows more than most what designs and structures work and which ones don’t. That is why we offer a range of structures that can be adapted to any given need. Alternatively, we can offer bespoke design development solutions for customers who want uniqueness and something no one else has. With glamping becoming more and more competitive, having a unique structure, such as a treehouse, ponton cabin, or an ultra-luxury contemporary structure that offers complete privacy for its guests is now the difference between success and failure. Our designers are passionate about providing unique structures that deliver the utmost quality and aesthetics. Whether designed to be on-grid or off, we have an exclusive understanding of designing glamping structures that wow and engage with its chosen guests.

Luxury Glamping Structures

Glamping is an extremely appealing option for guests and travellers who want to connect and spend time in the great outdoors without completely giving up on all luxuries. Once thought to be the domain of age groups 18-32 years, glamping has continued to develop and evolve as sites and retreats clamber for new and repeat guests. With typical age groups now ranging from 18 to 52-year-olds, uniqueness and quality have never been more important. This increase in age range and competition has seen a rise in expectations from the customer when it comes to the structures they want or are willing to stay in. Oasis Habitats saw this high-end glamping structure market as a significant divergence from traditional glamping sutures such as yurts and upside-down boat hull shaped cabins. That is why it began to create designs that embraced this luxury glamping market back in 2018. As a result, we have a range of standardised luxury yet flexible glamping structures whose internals and specifications can be specified towards the site owners or operators own personal needs.