Oasis Habitats – A new breed OpenAir Magazine

With climate change being brought ever closer to home, more and more of us are looking closely at the environmental impact we have; be it at home or on vacation. This has seen a serge in bookings of sustainability-based accommodation, with guests willing pay more for environmentally friendly options. Yet, at the same time guest are demanding higher levels of luxury and convenience.

Oasis Habitats is a company who believes we all need to do our bit and who has developed a unique approach that, not only address sustainability aspects, but also habitat concerns.

Created by a group of likeminded people with a passion for the outdoors, nature, and great design. Oasis habitats focuses on delivering luxury sustainable “OFF-GRID” structures and resorts for the leisure industry, including glamping and eco-hotels. Using sustainably resourced materials where possible and backed by the UK’s leading sustainability consultants, Oasis Resorts designs, builds and delivers opulent structures, sites and resorts not
thought possible only 5 -years ago.

With hybrid renewable energy and water treatment systems, Oasis Habitats can provide 100% off-gird solutions that operate 365-days a year. Their uniquely design structures follow as strict sustainable materials approach, whilst at  the same time offering luxury only found in 5-star hotels. Backed by a habitat restoration programme, they are a new breed in the world of out-door leisure.