Spearheading a revolutionary development in the sustainable construction industry, Oasis Habitats has developed an organic structural building panel that enables contractors to deliver fully sustainable architecture with 10m spans.

Led by our passion and drive to deliver on eco-friendly and sustainable construction solutions, Oasis Habitats developed the concept for the Oasis Cassettes. A 100% organic alternative to the traditional SIPs panel (Structurally Insulated Panels). In essence, Oasis Cassettes are a revolutionary new design and construction concept, delivering 100% organic architecture. Unlike traditional SIPs panels, Oasis Cassettes are designed with the flexibility of pre-installing all MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) and data services in mind. This not only saves significant installation time, reducing cost but also provides improved built environments and quality. Constructed from CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) and proprietary organic insulation, each cassette is CAD-designed before being produced in our factory. To achieve millimetre perfection large format table CNC machines are used in the construction process. Coupled with our warrantied engineering and multiple configured connection details, we can design buildings with 10m open spans and up to 6 stories tall. This makes the Oasis Cassette one of the most flexible construction processes available. Thus, we can design and engineer unique yet efficient organic buildings, to meet most construction requirements.


We have developed our Oasis Cassette Panels to be just as cost-efficient, if not more so, to that of traditional construction. Each cassette is bespoke designed to meet all varying requirements. Exterior walls, interior walls, floors and ceilings, roofs, etc. – every detail is thoroughly discussed beforehand. Costs are therefore dependent upon the makeup of panels, MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) requirements and desired U / R and Acoustic values. Cost analysis of any given project can be quickly provided, based upon the square meterage of walls, floors, and roofing. This enables us to provide rapid insight into the viability, profitability and return on investment of your project.

Design Capabilities

Design is our superpower and at the very core of what we do. We have designed our Oasis Cassettes to deliver on various architectural projects, from traditional housing to multi-storey flats and commercial premises. The Cassettes are adapted to meet customer requirements whilst helping them turn the organic lifestyle into a reality to live in. With spans of up to 10 metres, the Oasis Cassette is more than just an alternative construction product – it’s a revolutionary construction improvement.


After being fabricated in our factory, the Oasis Cassettes system needs to be installed at its intended location. Our network of installers and national trainers are responsible for making sure that the installation process goes as smoothly as possible, without any unforeseen problems or issues – all the way from the transportation stage to the one where customers finally receive their keys and warranties. 


With each installer undergoing a minimum 5-day internal training course at our European factory, and a dedicated project supervisor overseeing all installations, clients can rest assured that projects are fulfilled according to the programme. Upon completion, each project is signed off directly by our country based installation company, after a sight inspection, with site-specific warranties and insurances being issued thereafter.

We are always happy to welcome talented installers and installation companies that bring value to our network. Should you want to become an approved installer or countrywide master installer, please, contact us here. (Link to registration form)