Utilising our proprietary Oasis Cassettes construction methodology, our modular housing solutions are perfect for those who want the latest that modern construction has to offer whilst also embracing the breakthroughs that sustainable architecture can deliver. Modular Housing is the thought-provoking solution that allows you to have your house built off-site with increased quality benefits and brought to the site once built. This approach delivers both higher cost efficiencies and decreased construction timelines.

Benefits of Modular Housing

Modular Housing allows clients to design a house or their home in its entirety, without laying a single brick or sawing a piece of wood. Unlike traditional design and construction, our modular housing is designed using the latest innovations in 3D modelling, allowing us to design and render structures, figuring out every little exterior and interior detail prior to our computer-aided factory-based fabrication CNC.


Popular for its cutting-edge, unique design capabilities, our Modular Housing exceeds all expectations. Thanks to its immense flexibility, this solution offers both contemporary and traditional designs, with every little detail perfected before being built at our in-house fabrication factory in Lviv. This approach makes our Modular Housing options an extremely cost-efficient solution and ideal for balancing out today’s housing crisis. Despite the sped-up process, all of Oasis Habitats’ Modular Housing projects are built with the greatest attention to detail and even more precision. Oasis Habitats deliver Modular Housing to the utmost quality that conforms to all European destinations, specifications, rules and guidelines.

Our process

Being one of our top priorities, the design, production, delivery, and installation of bespoke Modular Housing always follows the already established processes and guidelines.  


Completed for half the time of traditional architecture, Modular Housing reduces waste generation and offers sustainable solutions that also reduces the carbon footprint.  


To eliminate the risks of site-based constructions, all Modular Housing units Oasis Habitats produces are prefabricated in our 12,000 square foot factory. The flexibility Modular Housing offers allows us to design and produce a variety of sizes and configurations to meet all clients’ demands. 


In correspondence to our mission of preserving nature and vision for a more sustainable future, Oasis Habitats’ Modular Housing offers environmentally friendly solutions that reduce waste generation to the minimum. 


Albeit all Modular Housing comes with its own set of warranties, with cutting-edge designs and precision in our building procedures, Oasis Habitats guarantees the utmost quality of our solutions. And with Modular Housing’s increasing popularity, it’s now more available than ever to be part of the change, even if you are on a budget.