First off, what is an Eco or Green Hotel? In today’s more environmentally considerate and sustainability-conscious society, guests are becoming more mindful of the carbon footprint their vacation or stay has on the environment. In essence, they want to feel more comfortable that the hotel they are staying at is offsetting or minimising their stays carbon footprint. As a result, hoteliers are no longer just having to think about the level of service and location, but also how the design and hotels operation limits its impact on the environment. Thus, was born the statement “Eco-friendly Hotel”. With guests willing to spend between 30-40% more on their nightly rates for a hotel that can demonstrate its higher-than-average eco-friendly status, no wonder more and more hotel operators are looking to embrace the eco & green hotels standards. With a wealth of experience and a dedicated remit to sustainability, Oasis Habitats is more qualified than most when it comes to the design, specification and construction of Eco & Green Hotels.

Initial Steps

There for you since the initial project planning, Oasis Habitats can help you build a bespoke Eco & Green Hotel that offers the exclusive experience of a 5-star hotel whilst protecting the environment and local ecosystems. Discussing ideas, concepts, sustainable solutions, design needs, landscape opportunities, etc., allows us to get an idea of what the final result would look like. 


By preparing a plan and a financial model assessing capital investments, profitability and return on investments, Oasis Habitats helps you see the full picture to make an informed decision on your Eco & Green Hotel.

Design & Engineering

Master planning

Allowing us to figure out how to give your clients the best views, location scouting is an inseparable part of the overall master planning process. To deliver working solutions, examination of the weather conditions and coherent functionalities are also provided. 

Architectural Design

With a team of like-minded dedicated designers and architects, Oasis Habitats offers a wide range of design services – Schematic Design, Concept Design, Design Development and Technical Design.

Interior Design

Allowing you to get a grasp of the whole project, consultations with interior designers are an integral part of the process. From concept development and prototypes, all the way to construction drawings and furniture design, Oasis Habitats’ team makes you part of the process.

Landscape Design

Using the location and the beautiful nature surrounding it to your advantage, specialists in coherent hardscape concepts can show you how to use the local fauna to elevate the experience for your guests, produce organic food on-site and generally promote your habitat.

Environmental Design & Mep Engineering

Discussing low carbon and renewable energy strategies, this is the stage when traditional buildings become sustainable and exclusive. With cost estimation on the mechanical, electrical and plumbing designs, construction planning and overall performance, you get solutions that make it possible to build an Eco & Green Hotel.

Structural & Membrane Engineering

Considerations of the local environmental conditions of the wind help Oasis Habitats’ design experts create models and fabrication drawings of all installations you may need during the build process.

Fabrication & Construction

Completing all of the before-mentioned stages gets us to fabrication processes. With all structures and components prefabricated in our factory in Lviv, Oasis Habitats takes care of the quality and finally delivers all assets to their intended location where installation is completed, and finishing touches applied.