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Design & Enginering

Whether we’re designing and building one-off Wilderness Retreats, Green & Eco Hotels, or small mixed-use housing development with our Modular Design systems, we work with our customers to deliver projects from visual concept to operational reality. We provide innovative structural solutions across the hospitality, leisure, and residential sectors.


Oasis Habitats offers a fully inclusive range of constructional Design & Engineering services targeted towards more sustainable construction practices. Оur services are delivered directly via our in-house and verified associated partners. We, therefore, provide all aspects of architectural design, structural design, planning and design management for each project or clients’ requirements. Based upon our proprietary Oasis Cassettes system, we develop a breath-taking architecture that is fully compliant with specific regional budling codes and regulations. This unique approach towards construction design & engineering, based around our proven technologies, enables us to offer an inclusive approach towards each project, establishing a unified “tried and tested” method that results in significant cost savings and improved project delivery timelines.

Sustainable Design & Engineering Services

Being a leading company in sustainable architecture, Oasis Habitats has a broad spectrum of design & engineering services that are linked to environmental construction practices. These services include:

  • Design & Construction detailing
  • CAD Fabrication Drawings
  • Building Regulations Drawings & Submittance
  • Structural Engineering
  • Design Development
  • Planning 
  • Virtual Tour Rendering
  • 2D & 3D Conceptual Design

If you have a specific project in mind, we’d love to hear about your vision. Let’s talk!