Designing and building a sustainable, eco-friendly resort, or accommodation structure is not a simple case of sticking a couple of solar panels on the roof and hey presto! There is a lot more to it than that.

The structures themselves first need to be designed with a set of unique design and construction characteristics that work symbiotically with a variety of sustainable technologies and materials which you plan to use. Get this wrong and your boutique eco-resort or wilderness hotel will not be eco for long. Get it right and you’ll be able to deliver your guests a truly remarkable accommodation experience with limited environmental impact.

That is why start our journey by first taking a holistic approach and understanding – Who your guests will be. What priorities they are likely to have. How your guests will use the resort, building or accommodation units, along with guest flow rates and future proofing options. This then establishes a set of design guidelines to flowing, allowing us to understand the exact level of renewables that are required, how to incorporate them and which build specifications we need to observe for maximum effectiveness.

Get this right and you will save substantially on operational costs, as well as offering your guests superior comfort and style.

We have an excellent understanding of the necessary eco design principles and what sustainable and environmentally materials can be used to deliver luxury in unique settings, 365-days a year.