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Oasis Habitats is a design and build company specialising in sustainable architecture and eco construction techniques. We supply our products, services and solutions across the UK and Europe directly or via our dedicated approved national partnering network. Our proprietary organic construction practises, based upon our Oasis Cassette, allow us to design and build both amazing contemporary architectural structures – as well as more traditional builds. Our revolutionary approach significantly reduces the need for steelworks and concrete, making our net zero-carbon design and construction processes one of the most environmentally friendly in the industry. At Oasis Habitats, we prioritise quality and attention to detail, offering comprehensive warranties, support, and aftercare. 

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Eco Sustainable Architecture

Specialising in eco sustainable architecture, Oasis Habitats has two main offerings and additional services:

Oasis Habitats Retreats 

Oasis Habitats Retreats specialises in sustainable hospitality, recreational, and leisure structures like eco-hotels, boutique resorts, and bespoke small dwellings. Our architectural designs seamlessly blend with the natural surroundings, creating a harmonious connection while offering the luxury and quality of a 5-star hotel. We aim to provide the hospitality and leisure industry with contemporary, unique constructions that prioritise sustainability and toxin-free environments, reducing the risk of allergies. Discover innovative designs that embrace nature and redefine hospitality at Oasis Habitats Retreats.

Oasis Habitats Developments

 specialises in the design and construction of organic, “allergen-free” SIP panels for the construction industry. Our sustainable and environmentally friendly construction techniques are now available to a wider market, including the social housing sector.

Additional services

Design and planning “Residential & Hospitality”

Professional CAD 2D & 3D designs scaled drawings

Modular housing design

Virtual design tours

3D modelling and rendering

Partner with our team of devoted, like-minded professionals for a truly unique and environmentally friendly approach to eco housing, hospitality and leisure. Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to delivering luxurious structures and buildings that provide individuals with an unforgettable experience while harmonising with the environment. From exclusive luxury designs to sustainable construction, we prioritise quality and attention to detail in every project. 

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